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Dr. Raul Velasquez, MCC, M.Div.

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Raul Velasquez is a highly educated and experienced professional who has dedicated his life to Christian leadership, coaching, and counseling. He holds a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree from Kemuel Christian University, with a concentration in Christian leadership and coaching, and a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree in Pastoral Studies and biblical Counseling from I.C.M.P. Bible College.

Raul has earned several certifications that testify to his expertise and competence in the field of Christian counseling and chaplaincy. He is recognized as a Master certified coach and Biblical counselor by the International Christian counselors and coaches commission. Additionally, he is certified in several specialized areas, including Christian Chaplaincy, Assisting Individuals in Crisis, and Grief Following Trauma.

Raul is also accredited by the Joint Commission on Chaplains Accreditation and Education for his expertise in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Management. He has also completed the First Responder Chaplaincy/Ministry Training Level I offered by Strategos International, which has equipped him to provide effective support to first responders and their families.

In addition to his academic and professional achievements, Raul is the Founder/President of Disaster Response Ministries International, a non-profit organization that provides trained chaplains to communities affected by disasters. His organization has helped many people cope with the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

Raul Velasquez's passion for Christian counseling and chaplaincy has led him to combine his skills and experience as a Bible counselor and life coach to help people overcome their challenges and find hope and healing through Christ. His commitment to his faith and his profession is evident in all that he does, and he is highly respected and admired by his colleagues and clients alike.

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