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DRMI Hosts Domestic Violence Seminar in Manhattan, N.Y.

Manhattan, NY - July 15

Disaster Response Ministries International recently organized a highly impactful seminar on domestic violence, aimed at educating their chaplancy students and the local community. The event, held in Manhattan, featured two guest speakers PoliceOfficer Tolention and PoliceOfficer Ramirez from the NYPD's 23rd Precinct Domestic Violence Unit.

The seminar focused on raising awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence and equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to respond effectively. The two NYPD police officers shared their expertise and experiences, shedding light on the complex nature of domestic violence cases and providing valuable insights to the attendees.

The event was a resounding success, with the audience captivated by the informative presentations and engaging discussions. The speakers highlighted the importance of early intervention, community support, and effective law enforcement strategies in combating domestic violence. Their shared experiences showcased the challenges faced by victims and emphasized the need for a comprehensive and compassionate response.

Following the seminar, the attendees came together in prayer, seeking guidance and strength for the two NYPD officers who graciously shared their time and expertise. Disaster Response Ministries International expressed deep gratitude to the officers for their valuable contribution, acknowledging their dedication to upholding the safety and well-being of the community.

Pastor Joshua J. Mercado, a board member of Disaster Response Ministries International, played a pivotal role in organizing the seminar. His efforts in bringing together such a valuable event were greatly appreciated. Under his guidance, the new chaplains received essential training and instruction, empowering them to provide effective support to individuals and families affected by domestic violence.

In conclusion, The collaboration with the NYPD's 23rd Precinct Domestic Violence Unit brought valuable insights and expertise to the attendees, equipping them to address domestic violence effectively. The DRMI expressed gratitude to the officers and Pastor Joshua J. Mercado for their contributions, and they give all the glory to God for the success of the seminar.

The event served as a reminder of the power of collective efforts in combating domestic violence and creating a safer community for all.


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