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DRMI NY Chaplain Team Community Outreach Event

Updated: May 16, 2023

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, Disaster Response Ministries International (DRMI) community chaplains participated in a give back community outreach event organized by the National Latino Peace Officer Association and Church House of God

in Spanish Harlem, New York.

Our, DRMI New York City Team, which consisted of community chaplains who were eager to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide much-needed support to the local community.

The event was a huge success, as the DRMI chaplains were able to provide a ministry of presence and support to the community. They distributed biblical tracts, bibles, prayers, food, and hygiene kits to those in need. The community responded positively to the outreach, and many people were asking the chaplains for prayer.

In addition to the tangible items that were distributed, the DRMI chaplains provided spiritual support as well. They shared the love of Christ and the message of salvation with the community, and as a result, two people accepted Christ as their personal Savior. This was a powerful moment for all involved, and it brought glory to God's name.

Throughout the day, there was a sense of peace and unity in the community. The chaplains played worship music and offered prayers, which helped to create a welcoming and positive environment. The community was able to come together and receive the support they needed, both physically and spiritually.

The DRMI New York Chaplain team worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. They included Pastor Joseph, Lt. Nicole Ames, Sgt. Shelly, Lt. Marla, and Corporal Arlinda, who all worked to spread the Kingdom of God. Their dedication to serving the community was evident, and they were a shining example of the love of Christ in action.


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