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DRMI NY Team Supports Christian Family Parade in New York City

New York City, NY on June 17, 2023

DRMI NY Team, consisting of 26 dedicated volunteers, provided a ministry of presence and support during the Christian Family Parade held in New York City, N.Y. The team, led by Chaplain Lt. Marla and Chaplain Lt. Nicole Ames, worked alongside other chaplaincy organizations, ministries, and churches to ensure the success of the event.

The volunteers from DRMI, including chaplains and disaster response personnel, offered their assistance and care throughout the parade, offering support and spiritual guidance to participants and attendees. Their presence brought comfort and encouragement to those in need and helped create a positive atmosphere during the event.

DRMI's leadership and Dr. Raul Velasquez expressed their gratitude to all the volunteers who generously gave their time and efforts. Their contributions were crucial in making the Christian Family Parade a memorable and uplifting experience for all involved. The organization acknowledged that without the dedication and commitment of their volunteers, such initiatives would not be possible.

The Christian Family Parade served as a platform for fostering unity, spreading positivity, and celebrating the shared beliefs and values among participants. DRMI's involvement demonstrated their commitment to supporting and uplifting the local community in New York City.

As DRMI continues its mission of providing assistance and spiritual guidance in times of need, their participation in events like the Christian Family Parade exemplifies their dedication to serving others and making a positive impact in society. All the Glory to God!!!

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