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DRMI Florida Chaplains assist Boricuas De Corazón wirh outreach event

Brandon, Florida | July 15

In a remarkable display of community collaboration and compassion, Disaster Response Ministries International Chaplains, Pastor Robin and Dr. Raul Velasquez, assist Boricuas De Corazón to provide much-needed assistance to the Brandon, FL community. Together, Boricuas De Corazón led by Founder, Linda Perez. organized a food bank distribution event that served over 327 families.

The event, which took place on July 15, was a testament to the power of unity and the willingness of individuals and organizations to come together in times of need. With the aim of alleviating the hardships faced by many families in the Brandon area, the collaborative effort provided essential food supplies to those who required assistance.

Disaster Response Ministries International Chaplains, known for their expertise in disaster response, chaplaincy and community outreach, brought their experience and resources to the event. With their dedication and commitment to helping others, they played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the food bank distribution.

Boricuas De Corazón, a prominent organization focused on supporting Puerto Rican communities and disaster relief, lent their support and network to make the event possible.

Founder Linda Perez, known for her unwavering dedication to serving others, worked tirelessly to coordinate the logistics and mobilize resources.

As we navigate through uncertain times, it is heartening to witness such acts of kindness and unity. By joining forces and supporting one another, we can build stronger, more resilient communities that are better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The collaborative effort between Disaster Response Ministries International and Boricuas De Corazón serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together for a common goal.


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