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DRMI Received Proclamation Award

Tampa Florida June 22, On this special occasion of Community Emergency Response Team Day, let us extend our gratitude and appreciation to Disaster Response Ministries International CERT Team, and all the Hillsborough County CERT teams for their remarkable service.

This significant occasion highlighted the dedication and commitment of CERT teams in the county, including Disaster Response Ministries International led by Pastor Dr Raul Velasquez.

The event served as an opportunity to recognize the exceptional efforts of CERT teams in preparedness, training, and emergency response.

Hillsborough County Commissioners, and Hillsborough County office of Emergency Management in acknowledgment of their invaluable contributions, presented a well-deserved proclamation award to Disaster Response Ministries International CERT team and the CERT teams of Hillsborough County.

The award ceremony took place during the 2023 Quarterly Award Ceremony, where the county commissioners gathered to honor community emergency response teams.

The recognition bestowed upon the CERT teams emphasized the importance of their work in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community during times of crisis.

Community Emergency Response Teams play a vital role in disaster response and recovery efforts. These dedicated individuals undergo comprehensive training to equip themselves with the necessary skills to assist in emergencies.

Disaster Response Ministries International have demonstrated unwavering commitment and selflessness in serving their community.

By receiving this proclamation award, DRMI CERT Team leader Pastor Robin Velasquez, and the CERT teams of Hillsborough County have not only gained recognition for their exceptional work but have also inspired others to join the noble cause of emergency preparedness and response.


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